5 Robotic Cleaning Innovations for the Cleaning Industry


Thanks to movies, television, music, and toys, we’re all pretty familiar with robots. Most robots, however, don’t look or act very much like those sci-fi, futuristic robots from Star Wars or Lost In Space. Still, you can find them helping in a variety of situations, from warehouses to manufacturing. Robotic cleaning innovations are on the list, too.

The robotic cleaning innovations your business needs right away

The purpose of innovation is to make your life easier. Ideally, robotic cleaning solutions for your janitorial business should help you complete your work faster and more effectively. Luckily, some of the newest innovations in the world of cleaning are designed to do just that.

1. Robotic vacuums

Robotic vacuums have made their way into many households. These robotic vacuums are beloved for their ability to create maps of homes and to pick up small debris without getting the way. Of course, a retail robot vacuum isn’t going to do much for you. But there’s more than one type of robot vacuum.

The United Kingdom has introduced larger, non-commercial robotic cleaners into some of its hospitals in light of increasing health concerns. These robots, part of the Hefter Robot Cleaning line, can clean up to 200,000 square feet of a client’s property per day. The future of vacuums, then, is in both versatility and self-reliance.

2. Window cleaning robots

Window cleaning has long been one of the responsibilities that property owners place upon their janitorial staff. If you live in an area in which skyscrapers are the norm, then you likely already have the tools you need on hand to send two or more staff members up into the skies for a day.

Robotic cleaning for windows and glass makes this process more cost-effective. Instead of sending employees up, these cleaners can grip a client’s windows and manually remove grime and other kinds of debris.

Not only does this effectively allow you to redirect your employees towards other tasks, but it also keeps them safer from unexpected accidents, while allowing you to save on insurance costs.

When most people think of robots in the cleaning industry, they imagine service-facing robots. These bots are the ones that require physical chassis. They are often designed to take over some of the physical labor that was once allocated to your team members.

There’s more than one kind of robotic cleaning machine in this business, though. If you’re in the market to expand, you can also explore options for back-of-the-house use.

3. Chatbots

Your website is one of the most effective tools you can use to woo potential clients. If you play your cards right, you can cultivate high-value client interactions and secure repeat customers over time. One of the simplest ways to improve the usability of your website is to employ a chatbot. Chatbots help clients to navigate your website.

Chatbots can be designed to answer common questions that clients have regarding the services you offer, basic rates for cleaning services, and more. They can even be used to schedule recurring service visits or special requests.

4. Audience-assessing bots

Speaking of your website, you always want information about your company’s services to reach new audiences. Advertising isn’t a guessing game, though. To successfully grow your client base, you’ll need to understand what kind of people are the most interested in your services.

One of the best ways to get a better idea of who’s looking for your services is to employ an audience-assessing bot. These bots can work alongside chatbots to collect users’ data and analyze it. When you look over one of these bots’ reports, you can get a better idea of various aspects about your visitors, including:

  • Age
  • Industry they work within
  • Preferred services
  • Preferred mode of communication

With this information on hand, you can craft a highly targeted advertising campaign. Word of your cleaning services can make it to new audiences so that you can schedule additional work for your employees.

5. Inventory-tracking bots

Your supply closet is the lifeblood of your cleaning business. You need to stay on top of your inventory if you’re going to clean your clients’ properties adequately. While you can manage your inventory on your own, it gets easier when you have a bot on your side.

Inventory-tracking bots and software can alert you when you start to run low on cleaning essentials. Some can even reorder certain products for you. Instead of losing time manually checking your supply closet every week or so, let a bot do the work for you and free up your schedule.

Integrating robots into your business model

Robotic cleaning accessories can make it easier for you to balance your company’s budget. While the start-up costs can be intimidating, you’ll save money in employee wages and hours spent cleaning.

Some robotic innovations can even help keep your employees safe, be it from contagious illnesses or situations that might otherwise put their physical safety at risk.